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Kaurimbi Expeditions will be your service provider in Namibia on any Tailor made Expedition you prefer to undertake.

We will help you to set up a workable itinerary, we organize everything, in country transfers, from and back to the airport, get a Base Camp ready before your arrival with all logistics in place, water, food, medical evacuation plan in place, radio and sat phones, permits, etc.

All you need to bring with you; own backpack, sleeping bag, water bottles, and a strong, fit body and you can challenge yourself on a, for example

  1. 5 days up and down the highest Mountain in Namibia to reach the peak of the Brandberg, Konigstein at +- 2600m. 
  2. 100km / 5 - 6 day trek through the oldest desert in the world and wash away the heat and dust when you finish at the Atlantic Ocean.

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